We expect Leagues to begin in 2022. Please check back for updates and registration info.


HoopDome provides a number of different leagues to fulfill every basketball players need. Whether you are a novice player looking for a strictly recreational league, or a high level ultra competitive league. HoopDome will be your home. HoopDome leagues can be entered individually or as an entire team.


HoopDome Champs Fall 2019



Sunday Division 1

Dam Man Dem

Sunday Division 2

V City

Sunday Division 3


Monday Division 1


Sunday Division 1 Champs 
Dam Man Dem

We expect Leagues to begin in 2022. Please check back for updates and registration info.

HoopDome Leagues


75 Carl Hall Rd, Toronto, ON M3K, Canada

Showing Leagues at:



HoopDome Location Box

Adult Leagues

Adult Leagues League Box

Whether you are a former or current university/college player or an individual looking to stay in shape, HoopDome has an adult (18+) league for you.  We have different levels to accommodate every player.  All adult league games will use sanctioned Ontario Board Referees.

Limited Space Available, 8 Team Spots ONLY; Individual registration available as well.

All cheques are payable to HoopDome Inc. NSF cheques will be charged $35.00

Men's C Leagues

Men's C Leagues Program Box(Shows active & disabled)

Second Location Box

Third Location Box

Image by Max Winkler
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Registration Policies

Important Registration Information

You will receive confirmation of your registration via email.
Approximate program start dates are listed above. The exact times and dates will be posted on the HoopDome website once teams have been finalized.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

A written request to withdraw from a program must be received in writing to the HoopDome office two weeks prior to the start date of the program.
There is a $50.00 administration fee for all refunds.